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Mistress has been busy with loser’s and cucky’s enjoying cuckold phone sex. I enjoy the cuckold lifestyle, however as of late, I have enjoyed locking up guy’s dick’s, and making them beg. I enjoy the sense of power that it has for me, and lack of control for whomever I do it to.
Some of the caller’s I have seem to be less then well endowed. They are little dick loser’sand the amusing part about that is, they love to be told they are small, have small penis’s, love small penis humiliation, (sph), it kills me how they love to see their women, with other men. Especially big black men, and men with big cock in general.

I had sex just now, and had a loser watch me. It was more then funny. He stood there, I made him keep his hands to his sides, he was in panties, pink of course. He was so excited, his little 2 inch thingy, was twitching in my pink bikini panties. I laughed at him, the more I did it the more he enjoyed it. He did not like that I locked him up. Loser’s don’t deserve to cum. I like to give them orgasm denial training, chastity is a good for a loser.

I love to have big cock. I am not anyone’s slave. I like to be serviced. Whether I let a loser have a cream pie, or have a man please me. I am the one in charge. I hold the cards. I need to be satisfied. It is all about my pleasure. Not about their’s in any form. I need to cum.

Would you like to satisfy me. Do you have a phone sex fantasy for me to play out with you? I am a great time on the phone, give …
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Mistress Veronica has a new cuckold slut bitch for humiliation phone sex! Becky called me wearing a Garter belt and nylon’s, 5 inch heels, purple eye shadow, mascara, and liner, earring’s and jewelry. His girlfriend told him to call Mistress Veronica. Becky has to go out and meet his girlfriend at the corner, dressed like slut. Dresses this way during the week, under his clothes.

Gas station at the end of the road, there is a hot guy that work’s there, and they will be closed, so Becky is going to meet them there. I asked if he ever met her bf’s before, he said he never goes out dressed like that.
Tonight is going to be a new experience. Becky is VERY nervous, never having gone out dressed like that.

Wears lingerie under his clothes but never with a short skirt and a blouse. Becky can pass for a girl, she has on a wig, long red hair. His girlfriend wants to make the guy at the gas station Becky’s boyfriend.

Girlfriend is turning Becky into a bitch. I have him get a dildo, he said he has it in his ass. He think’s he is going to get it in the ass, and have to suck his cock. She wants him to go to work dressed as a girl. He already wears his lingerie. Wears an ankle bracelet that says “bitch” on it.

I suggest he could be my whore bitch. I would dress him up and pimp him out..
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Mistress Ronnie

Do you have some question’s about humiliation phone sex? There are many aspects to it. You may be into plain humiliation, that could include me telling you that you have to pay for  phone sex, and jerk off for Me.  You might have a small penis, and need sph, that is, small penis humiliation, that is when I laugh at the size of your little dick, and tell you what a loser you are. Guy’s that have little dick’s, seem to crave this. Apparently they are only too aware that they can not satisfy a woman. They need to be told how worthless they are, in order to cum.

Some men need to have their wife or girlfriend with another man, that is one of the ultimate humiliation’s. Cuckolding, or cheating as it is, is an intense form of humiliation.  You can never tell what avenue I might go down to humiliate you. So let’s humiliate you and your little dick, or I can make you cum by telling you all the details about how your wife craves strange cock. I can tell you are getting excited already.

Call Mistress Veronica for your phone sex domination needs, I do CBT, orgasm denial, SPH, cuckold, chastity, all forms of domination, not only humiliation. I will take charge and own you.

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I have been training Slave raymond, I order him to report to me for cuckold fantasy phone sex calls. I really feel like turning him into a cuckold slut! He told me that his wife has been cheating on him, and it turns him on. She told him to call me for some phone sex, and that is all the sex he is getting so make the most of it. I really like her!

I thought if I feminized him, that would add to the ambiance I had him go to the mall to buy a lipstick and tell the girl it was for him, also to the drugstore for tampon’s, as he is having his period, and has been practicing cock sucking 3 times a week.. here is what he had to say about his mall adventure..

1) I went to Macy’s at the mall, dressed in panties, bra and huge breast form’s, and asked the makeup girl behind the counter that I was looking for lipstick and wanted a suggestion. she looked at me funny and asked if it was for me and I sheepishly said yes. She said you have blueish/green eyes and fair skin I would suggest a “raspberry” color for which I paid and left.

2) I then stopped at Walgreen’s and bought tampons, without incident.

3) I have been practicing sucking three times per week.

I will be having another session with Slave raymond, possibly tomorrow, it will be fun feminizing him, and turning him into a slut for his wife, it was her idea for all of this, I think she will be very happy!Mistress Veronica

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My boyfriend took me on vacation, he is such a stud!

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Sissy phone sex. I just got back from a little trip. It was only a few day’s. I was able to break away, and relax. I was almost able to do so, except my bf would not leave me alone. He wanted sex night and day with me. He is a real man. Not a loser, that wants to suck a cock. He is not someone who’s wants me to cuckold him. He is a real man.

He wanted to know about the calls that I do. I told him, I get loser’s with little dicks, that want SPH, or small penis humiliation. He tried to understand this, but he couldn’t. I told him, not to worry. I am the one that tease’s little dick loser’s. It is the only way they can cum.

He laughed more, I told him, the little dick loser’s would love to be laughed at, and also would love me forced them to suck his big cock. He is big and delicious. A real man. Good manner’s, not one to intimidate me. He wants to please me, take me to dinner, kiss me and buy me things.

He is fabulous! I hope some little dick loser’s call me tonight, because, I am not on vacation any longer, and miss making fun of the pathetic loser’s that want me to measure their little dick’s and laugh at them. I love doing that, it is so Much fun for me. It is all about me and my amusement.

If any of you think, that I will stand for no respect, then You are wrong. Get your useless dick out and stroke it, cause you are the only one that will be touching it!

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Cuckold phone sex

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I have a new slave, I am cuckolding him during cuckold phone sex, I have put him in pink panties, I am getting him a makeover at the mall, a manicure, and he will wear lip gloss every day for me.

I have decided to send this Slave goes to a gay because he says that he wants to be gay. I will be training him full time. I have started him on dildo training, he has a few toys, one butt plug that vibrates, a large dildo. As his Mistress I will have practice sucking and then suck a real cock.

I have been giving my slave some tasks, one was buy 14 pairs of panties, and set up a panty drawer. I have him sucking his dildo 3 times a week, last week it was only two, I have sent him out to buy lipstick, soon to buy tampon’s and tampax also.

I have locked up his boy clit, and I will be keeping him in chastity. I like the fact that he is a sissy. I will name it, Crissy!

Once Crissy is good at sucking cock, I will cuckold her. Dressed in full lingerie and makeup, I will make this sissy slut serve me. I will have her, get my real man boyfriend ready for me then have her watch me in action!
Get ready you slut!
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Mistress Ronnie

Sissy Brenda is a naughty slut calling me for sissy phone sex and some feminization! She was all dolled up today, just for me, she had on her best outfit, she told me that she bought at an adult store, to wear for our sissy feminization phone sex session. It was a pink bra and panty set with black ribbons… blue schoolgirl skirt, and top, RED lipstick. I also suggested some Heels, Sissy Brenda, loved that idea! See thru black stockings as well. I had fun playing with Sissy Brenda, I love that she dresses up for Mistress Veronica, and also eats her cum for me!

Sissy Brenda surprised me with a dildo and a vibrator, she sucked and fucked, and did all the naughty things, a good sissy does! She ate her cum and I am looking forward to our next call! Meantime, she sent me a present from my wishlist, Thank you Brenda the shoes are gorgeous!

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Cuckold phone sex with Ms. Ronnie

"sissy phone sex"

Mistress Ronnie

I enjoy cuckolding men in my life and cuckold phone sex is one way to do that. Be it the bull that I enjoy for my pleasure, the boyfriend subject to my humiliation, or caller’s wanting some, or telling me about their cuckold pleasure.

I get asked, “do you have many caller’s wanting cuckold phone sex fantasies?” The answer is yes, but then again, I do a full range of domination. From mild to extreme. I enjoy cbt, cock and ball torture, I like making ball’s BLUE! I like orgasm denial, and also chastity. Not the first time, I have locked up a useless dick, to sit and suffer for me.

I like guy’s in panties. Pink panties. You may visit my site and learn more about this, I have always liked to put a man in panties and take control.

Cucky Boy C is no stranger to my likes and dislikes. He serves me, he licks my ass, and pussy, gets my boyfriend ready for me, and makes me smile as I get pleasured and he sits and watches, knowing all the while, he can not satisfy me. He cooks and cleans, and does for Me!

This is what he recently wrote:Hi Mistress, Thanks for letting me serve you. I am waiting for you to get home, it’s getting kind of late and I miss you. I don’t mind when you go out because I want you have to have fun. I always know when you have fun because you have me lick you clean when you get home. I used to get so jealous, but I like it now. I wonder if you will bring someone home with you tonight and fuck him in our bed. I get so hot when you call me in after he leaves and slap and spanked me and make me sleep on the wet spot. Maybe you’ll have me suck him and get him hard before he fucks you. Your other boyfriend’s always have such big cock’s, I wish I did Mistress. I like it when you make me suck them off you. When they leave you have me lick your perfect ass. I hope you get home soon Mistress Veronica I miss you. xox

You can see how I control Cucky boy C… Call me and I will control you as well.

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An assignment for a panty boy wanting panty boy phone sex… I thought I would crank our sessions up a bit, and it has worked. Here is the assignment, and below the response.

“Be a good slut, and go to a drugstore such as CVS or Riteaid, look for a lipstick, and either ask a girl to help you pick one, or tell the cashier that your Mistress sent you to buy yourself a new color. Upon completion of this assignment you are to email me a detailed report of your trip. Mistress Veronica

The response…

Mistress! I did it!!!
Okay, so today I went to my karate lesson out of town. I resigned myself to completing my Mistress’ assignment, as she was so gracious as to give me one. As I got into the town I was going to be right on time for my lesson, but I pass a Walgreens en route, so I stopped by and nervously went in and made a bee line for the make-up aisle. There was an older female employee working there and she politely greeted me as I walked down. On my first pass, I honestly couldn’t find the lipstick, so I made another pass, and glanced it, around which time the lady asked if she could help me find anything. I’d like to say this was moment of triumph, but sadly Mistress, I chickened out. I politely said “no, not right now,” and left the store, empty handed, and went to my karate lesson. I am sad to say Mistress, your little slut considered throwing in the towel. I even considered deceiving Mistress and making up a story. But, half way through my lesson, all I could think about was being a good obedient slut for my Mistress, so I resigned myself to going back. When I arrived back I went straight for the lipstick, but unfortunately, the woman was no longer there. And once more, I chickened out and left. But, after some debating, I decided I had to act, I went back in and grabbed a Loreal tube of Rambling Rose (I’m wearing it now) and proceeded to the checkout. There was a tall boy working there and I was prepared to say my line…but unfortunately I chickened out again. I placed the lipstick on the counter, paid, and left, no words. At this point I felt a minor victory, and I immediately put on the lipstick. But still, I hadn’t been completely obedient to my Mistress. I tried to drive home, but I turned the car back before I left the parking lot. I was going over possible scenarios and ended up dozing off in the parking lot for about 30 minutes. Upon waking, I gathered my thoughts. I had come too far, I must obey Mistress! So I went back in and grabbed a tube of Maybelline Pink Lollipop, I was especially excited because this had a bright pink label. After some debating on whether to approach a female customer or check out, I decided to check out. I went up there and the tall boy was gone, instead it was an average black woman. This made me feel better because it is always such a bigger turn on for me to buy sissy things from women :). As I got up there, I handed her the lipstick and said “my Mistress said I needed another color.” I know it isn’t the exact line, I forgot the original one, but she got the message. She wouldn’t look me in the eye and just said “thank you, have a nice day.”
I had done it, I felt my little man pussy soaking with pre-cum. I was sooooo excited. But I wasn’t stopping there. I had a fire lit under me. So I decided to go to Wal-Mart and correct something that had been awry ever since my relationship with mistress began. See, Mistress’ website is and up until this point, this little slut did not own a pair of pink panties. Sure, I have black, white, blue, polka-dot, but no pink. So, I was going to fix that. I drove to Wal-Mart, and as I was walking in I spotted the most gorgeous, fit, black man ever, and couldn’t help but imagine what might lay in his pants. Certainly a cock to dwarf my own. I soon found myself at the panty section. I proceeded to take my time, finding the perfect pair. I eventually settled on a lace pink thong. I wanted a matching bra, but unfortunately, there were none to be found :(. So i took my pair of panties to the register. At this point, your sluts balls were hurting from the extreme arousal of the evening. I paid, went to my car and came home, where I am now. Sporting my new lipstick and new pink panties :).
Loreal Rambling Rose – $8.99
Maybelline Pink Lollipop – $6.49
Pink Panties – $2.98
Being a good little obedient slut for Mistress – Priceless 🙂
In Obedience
Your Slut
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Cuckold phone sex with CuckoldboyMa – This new caller told me that he has been a cuckold for about, 2 1/2 years as a cuckold, has a small dick, and fiancee loves big dicks, they have a  friend with a 10 1/2″ that she really likes. She seems to like to have 8 or 9 thich inches.. She is pretty and hot, they are both good looking.. She has a round ass, that  guys like, anddark hair and blue eyes.. 5’4″.

So they decided to have a Threesome with this  guy who just so happens to be his best friend, when they got together, and he pulled down his pants, her mouth dropped when she saw his cock. She blew him right there in a car, he even fucked her in the parking lot. So her boyfriend her that she could go out and dick on her own. She was shocked, then decided she wanted big dick, so then after a while, she started getting more cock, and would tell CuckoldboyMa.

So now he only gets to watch, no more sex for him. He gets to watch her every now and then, he saw her 2 weeks ago with his friend, when she has other guys, he does not really see her. He does clean her up after he cums in her..

They have not had sex in 6 weeks.. he seems to have turned bi sexual. He goes to an adult bookstore.. he blows a few guys a week, likes to be fucked in the ass also.. by a tranny.. with big tits, and big dick. Some guys come to house and use him. He liked being fucked in the ass by a guy. Loves  cock.

He bought a strap on and fucked his girl with it, she loved it…at least it was big enough for once!