My boyfriend took me on vacation, he is such a stud!

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Sissy¬†phone sex. I just got back from a little trip. It was only a few day’s. I was able to break away, and relax. I was almost able to do so, except my bf would not leave me alone. He wanted sex night and day with me. He is a real man. Not a loser, that wants to suck a cock. He is not someone who’s wants me to cuckold him. He is a real man.

He wanted to know about the calls that I do. I told him, I get loser’s with little dicks, that want SPH, or small penis humiliation. He tried to understand this, but he couldn’t. I told him, not to worry. I am the one that tease’s little dick loser’s. It is the only way they can cum.

He laughed more, I told him, the little dick loser’s would love to be laughed at, and also would love me forced them to suck his big cock. He is big and delicious. A real man. Good manner’s, not one to intimidate me. He wants to please me, take me to dinner, kiss me and buy me things.

He is fabulous! I hope some little dick loser’s call me tonight, because, I am not on vacation any longer, and miss making fun of the pathetic loser’s that want me to measure their little dick’s and laugh at them. I love doing that, it is so Much fun for me. It is all about me and my amusement.

If any of you think, that I will stand for no respect, then You are wrong. Get your useless dick out and stroke it, cause you are the only one that will be touching it!

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