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An assignment for a panty boy wanting panty boy phone sex… I thought I would crank our sessions up a bit, and it has worked. Here is the assignment, and below the response.

“Be a good slut, and go to a drugstore such as CVS or Riteaid, look for a lipstick, and either ask a girl to help you pick one, or tell the cashier that your Mistress sent you to buy yourself a new color. Upon completion of this assignment you are to email me a detailed report of your trip. Mistress Veronica

The response…

Mistress! I did it!!!
Okay, so today I went to my karate lesson out of town. I resigned myself to completing my Mistress’ assignment, as she was so gracious as to give me one. As I got into the town I was going to be right on time for my lesson, but I pass a Walgreens en route, so I stopped by and nervously went in and made a bee line for the make-up aisle. There was an older female employee working there and she politely greeted me as I walked down. On my first pass, I honestly couldn’t find the lipstick, so I made another pass, and glanced it, around which time the lady asked if she could help me find anything. I’d like to say this was moment of triumph, but sadly Mistress, I chickened out. I politely said “no, not right now,” and left the store, empty handed, and went to my karate lesson. I am sad to say Mistress, your little slut considered throwing in the towel. I even considered deceiving Mistress and making up a story. But, half way through my lesson, all I could think about was being a good obedient slut for my Mistress, so I resigned myself to going back. When I arrived back I went straight for the lipstick, but unfortunately, the woman was no longer there. And once more, I chickened out and left. But, after some debating, I decided I had to act, I went back in and grabbed a Loreal tube of Rambling Rose (I’m wearing it now) and proceeded to the checkout. There was a tall boy working there and I was prepared to say my line…but unfortunately I chickened out again. I placed the lipstick on the counter, paid, and left, no words. At this point I felt a minor victory, and I immediately put on the lipstick. But still, I hadn’t been completely obedient to my Mistress. I tried to drive home, but I turned the car back before I left the parking lot. I was going over possible scenarios and ended up dozing off in the parking lot for about 30 minutes. Upon waking, I gathered my thoughts. I had come too far, I must obey Mistress! So I went back in and grabbed a tube of Maybelline Pink Lollipop, I was especially excited because this had a bright pink label. After some debating on whether to approach a female customer or check out, I decided to check out. I went up there and the tall boy was gone, instead it was an average black woman. This made me feel better because it is always such a bigger turn on for me to buy sissy things from women :). As I got up there, I handed her the lipstick and said “my Mistress said I needed another color.” I know it isn’t the exact line, I forgot the original one, but she got the message. She wouldn’t look me in the eye and just said “thank you, have a nice day.”
I had done it, I felt my little man pussy soaking with pre-cum. I was sooooo excited. But I wasn’t stopping there. I had a fire lit under me. So I decided to go to Wal-Mart and correct something that had been awry ever since my relationship with mistress began. See, Mistress’ website is and up until this point, this little slut did not own a pair of pink panties. Sure, I have black, white, blue, polka-dot, but no pink. So, I was going to fix that. I drove to Wal-Mart, and as I was walking in I spotted the most gorgeous, fit, black man ever, and couldn’t help but imagine what might lay in his pants. Certainly a cock to dwarf my own. I soon found myself at the panty section. I proceeded to take my time, finding the perfect pair. I eventually settled on a lace pink thong. I wanted a matching bra, but unfortunately, there were none to be found :(. So i took my pair of panties to the register. At this point, your sluts balls were hurting from the extreme arousal of the evening. I paid, went to my car and came home, where I am now. Sporting my new lipstick and new pink panties :).
Loreal Rambling Rose – $8.99
Maybelline Pink Lollipop – $6.49
Pink Panties – $2.98
Being a good little obedient slut for Mistress – Priceless 🙂
In Obedience
Your Slut
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