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Panty boy phone sex with me!  Moi, the girl who loves the guy in her panties, Mistress Ronnie, or Mistress Veronica, some like to be more formal.  I like being called up and hearing, “Mistress, I have my panties on just for you!”  That is so much fun.  Are you looking to be a sissy, or a stroker in silky panties that perhaps have been worn by a favorite lady friend of yours?   I enjoy humiliation at all levels.  You will find I have expert skills and I specialize in femdom, and all fetishes where I have control.

Panty boy phone sex is a true love.  I want to hear about your panty collection.  You may tell me about your cock, is it too small to satisfy me?  OR too big and sticking out of the top of those sexy silky lacey thongs.  If it is big, you might be the man to tame me, if it’s too small, I guess I will bring my girlfriends around to laugh at you, while you jerk off for us.

If it is phone humiliation, small penis humiliation, sissy phone sex, oh yes, I do chastity control as well.  I might edge you, and then deny you.   Ruined orgasms, are also high on my list of things to do to humiliate you!

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Mistress Veronica

Mistress Veronica has a New Little slave boy for domination phone sex … sexy guy with a cock ring… serving Mistress Veronica, tells me he likes to or Wants to suck dick, he is MY cock sucker, and will be serving me. I used my strapon and even masturbated him as he did suck cock? Is that a cock sucker? Yes, I do think so… More to cum about my new slave boys adventures…..

He has called me several times recently and will be serving me more in the future.. Make sure you call me for your domination phone sex at 1-866-438-2345

Sissy phone sex training with Ms. Ronnie 1-866-438-2345

Sissy phone sex, I have a sissy in training, who has been away for a while, here is the note she sent me… I am ready to get back to making her the best she can be..

Hello Mistress :
I’m back home now and I passed my training!! Yey! I had so many naughty red faced moments though being on the training in my panties and stockings under my normal work clothes… There were some cute real girls on the course and all I could do was just dream to be like them one day… I was also kinda day dreaming in my mind whether my panties were cuter than theirs or not hehe… I would have sooo loved to have had them find out about me wearing panties and wanting to be feminized, it would have been so embarassing and humiliating and naughty I would have gone so red but it would have made me feel so warm and fuzzy and girly inside as well! hehe… I can only dream of being humiliated and found out by real girls though I guess, unless you have some plans to expose me for what I am hehe… I hope you have had a good week, mine has been fun whilst on the course, have missed being able to get in touch with you properly though… Assuming everything is ok your end, what is next in your plans for me?
Hope to speak to you soon. Jenny

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Sissy is back for more training… Call Mistress Veronica for your feminization phone sex training at 1-866-438-2345

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Sissy has returned to Mistress Veronica for more training. Sissy that I had been sissy training wandered off, and is back again, since another Mistress was making it suck cock, and apparently had cut off sex with it’s wife. Now back to me, and I am re-training sissy. Sissy calls me dressed and ready to go. Really becoming more femme and I love that, so does sissy’s wife. She has a boyfriend pleasing her, so not too concerned about having sex anymore with sissy husband, not that I can blame her. I was interested to hear, that Sissy did go and suck cock while in transit, that was amusing, and sissy has long hair, and nails, and needs to go in public dressed up as a girl.

Will be going to have a make over and have makeup done professionally and I am going to partake in the session via the phone, which I will also enjoy. It is all about amusing Mistress, and of course – sissy’s wife. Keeping sissy in chastity, is making sissy more submissive, and the total feminization is what is good for sissy.

Wife did say..”He is required to dress everyday, nails, eyeshadow, lipstick, shaved (almost everywhere) and for the last 2 months he has been denied sex with me, although he gets relief weekly.” So, we can always lock sissy’s clit up, and not let sissy cum. I did let sissy cum during our last session. Who knows when I will feel generous again. I will be assisting in the makeover, I can hardly wait!

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Cuckold gangbang phone sex for humiliation junkies – Mistress Ronnie 866-438-2345

"cuckold phone sex"


Mistress Veronica is not a stranger to dirty cuckold gangbang phone sex. I like to have a real man satisfy me. I have many callers, who claim to be cuckold’s. If you are a cuckold husband. I would enjoy hearing your sordid tale.  I like to get cuckies gang banged while I watch.  I know many cuck’s love to suck dick and get fucked, I am no stranger to putting you in that situation.

There are many sorts of cuckold’s. There is the cuckold sissy, I can force cuckold you, I can tease you, and I can make you into a cuckold slut.  You will be humiliated, turned into a cum eater, or even a cross dresser, if it pleases me.

I love to cuckold my boyfriend, I get him to pick out my lingerie and then I have him draw a hot bath, shave my legs, and dress me in something totally sexy! I like to be totally sexy for my real man boyfriend. My cuckold boyfriend has to stay home and wonder where I am, and what I am doing.I like him to wear pink panties, and then I like to dominate him. I bet if you are reading this now you would like me to do this to you? If that is true, then I suggest you put your pink panties on.

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Cuckold phone sex with Ms. Ronnie 1-866-436-2345

I love owning and controlling Cucky Boy *S*, he is sending me a plane ticket because he has such fun on our last cuckold phone sex call, I am going to go and use him, and make him serve me. Hope he knows what is in store for him. I will have him naked on his knees. He will stroke MY COCK, as I do domination phone sex, on his phone, which he will pay for. He will lick my GODDESS Pussy, as I talk, and dominate, I need lot’s of orgasm’s. His slave tongue will serve my ass and pussy.

He will cook me gourmet dinner’s, and serve my girlfriend’s drink’s. I will have him lick their asses. My boyfriend will come over and he will suck his dick, because I like that. I will use him as a cocksucker. Get dick’s hard to pleasure me.

He is my cuckold slut, to use as a slut should be used! He is saving up for me to come there, stocking up on food, and things that I enjoy, so that I can use him.

Here is what he had to say about a recent call, with me!
Hi Mistress, Thanks for talking to me the other night. I was just looking at your pictures, you body is perfect Mistress. Please let me kiss you feet, they smell so good. You legs are long and so strong, I love being at your feet Mistress Veronica. You ass is perfect and I want to kiss and lick it for you. I get so hot being your slave and serving you. Your face is so beautiful, your hair and eyes – I get hard just looking at you Mistress.

I liked it when you made me suck your strap on the other night. Then you had you boyfriend over and made me suck his big dick for you. That makes me so hot Veronica I love serving you. I loved it when you fucked my ass and made me your bitch while I sucked it until he came in my mouth. I loved licking your hot pussy too, before he fucked you and while you got over my face while while he was fucking you. Your pussy tastes so good when you are taking a bick cock Mistress Veronca. You own and control me Mistress, please let me serve you again soon. xox

All you sluts out there need to dream about me, but in the real sense call me, I will dominate you, you can apply to be my slut, slave, or stroker boy, and I will use you!

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Panty boy phone sex

"panty boy phone sex"

Have had a lot of little dick loser’slately calling Mistress Veronica for panty boy phone sex! I like guy’s that need shp, or small penis humiliation. I enjoy laughing at little dick’s. Why not? It is a lot of fun! Usually, a loser is a cuckold as well. I laugh at their little cock’s and tell them how I get satisfied only by real men. Not loser’s with little dick’s.

I have also been doing some domination call’s with panty boys, which are very dear to me. I like beating ball’s, and putting stretcher’s on them. Using a flogger, icey hot, even a switch from the forest, to punish and spank a slave. I like to use strap on’s, dildo’s, and make a slave suck dick to amuse me. I own and control some men. I like that.
Cucky boy *S* wrote me a note….. here it is…
Thanks for talking to me tonight. I like to listen to you, you are so smart and clever. Thanks for telling me how it is too, you know I need that from you Mistress Veronica. You know what’s best for me and I need you. Please tell me what to do, I need your guidance. Please let me serve you Mistress, I will try hard to please you. I would give you a back rub and make you dinner. When you done I hope you let me rub your feet while you watch TV. If you let I will kiss them, they smell so good and taste even better. You are so hot Mistress, I just want to worship you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I would rather be with you than anybody in the world. Please tell me how to please you. I’ll kiss up your legs, I love being on my knees before you, smelling your sweet pussy. I hope you let me kiss you perfect ass Mistress Veronica, I love to french kiss it for a long time. I love licking your hot pussy too, especially after you had one of your lover’s. I don’t mind Mistress because if you’re happy I’m happy. I like it when you make me suck them off too and get them hard for you, and when you let them fuck me when you not in the mood. That way I know I’m your bitch, and I need to be your bitch Mistress Veronica. You own me, please take me! xox
As you can see, I own and control Cucky Boy *S*, he is my bitch, and I use him, because he is my cucky boy!
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Slave *D* New day new way…

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Some fascinating news for those of you wanting sissy and humiliation phone sex…..about my Slave *D*, he has been serving me, and is now in 24/7 panties and chastity. I have him fucking and sucking, and learning to be a good cock sucker. Wondering what new lengths of humiliation to take him to, to please me! Thinking I need to dip Slave’s balls, and give it a good beating before inserting a plug, and further spanking. I need to let Slave *D* that I am in control, and do own and control him totally.

My Slave *D* has purchased some new toys…

Your slave has purchased new toys;1x snap- on cock and ball harness1 x Anal Trainer Kit1 x Sallion Guard1xCB3000 Chastity device w/ Lock and keys…then he wrote: Dear Goddess Veronica,Your collared slave slut thanks you for the much needed discipline. Your slave awoke this morning, pulled down her sissy pink panties and administered a sound paddling of both bottom cheeks until a nice shade of dark pink. Followed with painful cross strokes with a cane. Inner thighs were canned next. Sissy slut boy now wears pantie hose over her CB3000 chastity device and Pink Panties. Her toenails are painted pink and sissy sack is dyed “very blue.Every Morning, after shaving to maintain my hairless from the neck down state, your slut again rides your fat 10 inch cock for 15 minutes. Sissy boy is now inserting the largest training butt plug for 30 minutes three to four times a day.Soon sissy slut should receive the clover nipple clamps and largest Mrs buttersworth butt plug in the mail. Sissy slut will continue to stretch her male pussy for Mistress and learn to endure longer periods of weighted nipple clamp torture.My small sissy clit drips precumm many times during the day and night. My panties always have wet spots on them. Sometimes it bleeds thru my pantie hose and leaves a noticeable wet spot on my pants.I wear your marks on my body and collar with pride.Love and Adore you Mistress Veronica,Your slave slut….david

After our session..Dear Goddess Veronica,Enjoyed talking to you last night. My CB3000 came registered mail this morning. I had to sign for it. Right on the package in plain sight it said “sex toy”. Very embarrassing. Upon opening it up, I noticed they forgot to ship the brass lock and keys.I have chosen the closest tightest fit and locked it temporarily with a key ring 3/4 inch in diameter. Your small clit is stuffed into it and takes up the entire space. This surprised me. The color is red and contrasts well with your slave sluts dyed “very blue balls”.Thank you Mistress for continuing to train me.I now am shaved completely from my neck collar down to my painted pink toes. Your sluts small clitty securely encased to prevent masturbation and erections. Pink panties over the CB3000. followed with panties hose.Thank You Mistress Veronica.Your collared and now chastity slave slut…..david 

Also more toys.. (this was a prior email) Dear Mistress Veronica,Your slave slut has purchased additional toys for you to use:Mrs butterworth butt plug (large, really large butt plug)clover nipple clampsanal eze lubeLooking forward to an extreme training program that will both raise my low pain threshold and stretch YOUR slave boy’s sissy ass hole in preparation for FISTFUCKING.Admit it, Mistress…Wouldn’t you enjoy having me fuck my ass with a large fist shaped dildo? Perhaps right after You made it bright red with paddling and striped it well with a cane or riding crop?Hopefully, These toys should arrive in about ten days. I will shutter and quake in anticipation of how badly you will make me suffer for you during training Mistress Goddess Veronica.It will be so sweet when I’m wearing my cb3000 during the day and the stallion guard when i go to bed at night. Both securely locking Your sissy’s clit up tight, so that masturbation and erections will be a thing of the past. Can’t wait to pull my pink panties up over my Locking Chastity Devices.Your slave has continued to maintain “very blue balls” for you Goddess. Every third day, I re dip and dye them for You Goddess.Adore and Respect You Mistress.I remain Your Pink Pantied slave,david

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Let’s do a cuckold phone sex call! I will describe to you about the real man that satisfied me. He is very large, and fills me up completely. I enjoy being satisfied me by a real man. I have recently had some super good cock. I could always do a phone sex call with you, and we could role play. I could share some cuckold fantasies with you. I love to roleplay. I can be your cheating wife, you can be the jilted husband or lover, or boyfriend.

Now of course there is always the chance that you are not well endowed, and I need a real man. Phone chat is a good place to learn about your shortcomings. Sometimes a guy that is small is apanty boy. He may have a desire for SPH which is small penis humiliation

Did you know that often times in a relationship, the on looker.. or guy with the smaller cock, might be turned into a size: cock sucker. I am more then happy to humiliate you. Do you crave humiliation phone sex?

Here is the plan… for you sissy slut’s out there.. I will tease and deny you!
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Cuckold gang bang phone sex

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Mistress Veronica does a lot of cuckold gang bang phone sex had a very exciting time the other night, a funny and interesting man called me in the wee hours of the morning, talking about his experiences being a cuckold. In actuality, he was a swinger, but we will call him a cuckold just the same. He told me that he and his wife used to love to swap. That they did it for quite a while, and while he was normally sized, she enjoyed finding large cock, and being satisfied in a way different then her loving hubby usually could do.

 He told me that on one occasion they were with another couple who also enjoy cuckolding and he said that that is where he heard about me from her husband who does cuckold phone sex calls with me. Upon unzipping the other woman’s man, his penis was so huge, that they all just sat and stared at it, laughing at the enormity of it. I guess me telling you this is not as funny as hearing him recount it. But trust me, this guy was great!
We did a hot fantasy. A cuckold phone sex fantasy, with the big cock of course, and my hubby, sucking cock, and watching me have fun with a real man!

Be sure to call me, I will make you get your rocks off! Trust me.
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